Success is not easy and requires focus with cooperative mentor. Sanlok Institute of Management and Studies is like a cooperative mentor who ensures support at all levels at any point of time to all of its students while maintaining transparency in the processes. I strongly recommend students who would like to pursue their higher education through distance education mode must do their studies under Sanlok Institute of Management to avoid any hidden problems which may damage their future course of action.


 Apart from this, Sanlok Institute of Management possesses the following:

  • Socially responsible management

  • Quality education through best faculties

  • Strategic locational advantage

  • Arrangement for study material in the form of soft notes and hard bound books

  • Important online announcements with SMS facility to all of its student ensure student’s awareness about upcoming important information

  • Director’s involvement to solve student’s problem at a personal level

  • Organized flow of activities ensure optimal result

  • Last but not the least, they are professional and maintains business ethics

I being the Sanlok Alumni would like to extend my warm regards to Director & their staff members for being so cooperative and helpful and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.


VINOD KUMAR,Assistant Professor.Algol School of Management and Technology

“I believe we mastered the art of making a positive impact, Not only for our businesses or jobs, but also the communities we live in”. I am delight to express my feelings of joy & happiness, while receiving this degree. Anyone can be literate but anyone can’t be educated, this institute has made us ‘educated’ as well as ‘employable’. In the era of hard competition now with the help of this institute & the guidance of our honorable lecturers I can say Yes, I am able to stand with this world. This degree means a lot for all of us but the most important is the care & the love showed by the Sanlok, group. I am proud to say: “We will never starve; our degree from this institution assures us of that. We will undoubtedly hit dead ends.”


POONAM GERA, Project Co-ordinator, Secure Meters Limited, Gurgaon

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  Such is the magnitude of teaching in one's life, and I am fortunate enough to have good teachers at our Institute who have not only taught us the intricacies of studies with practical examples but has also imbibed in us the values of simplicity and honesty. "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others." The same quotes being apt to the Director, who is the founder of SIMIT and has been teaching meticulously for the years to students and whose efforts are highly appreciable. I would like to thank him and his staff for providing quality education with a purpose. These two years of my education at SIMIT has been memorable.

POOJA SETHI, Roll Number : 0506-1110-121, Terriotry Admn. Manager, CH2M HILL INDIA PVT. LTD., GURGAON.

Sanlok Institute of Management and Information Technology (SIMIT) has motivated and encouraged me to make the most of my education and ultimately my career. Entering in SIMIT was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only has it changed me academically, but personally as well. The words that come to my mind when I think of SIMIT faculty members are dedicated, challenging, caring, creative, understanding and masters of their respective discipline. They have inspired me to excel in life.
As a student, I especially thank Mr. Mehta, Director SIMIT for his persistent guidance and involvement in my success. I wish SIMIT all the very best for its future endeavours. 

RAJAT KUMAR, Roll Number : 0388-21611, Terriotry IT Manager, RAMFRY & SAGAR (MNC), GURGAON.

It gives me immense pleasure & pride to be part of SIMIT which has been regarded as one of the most respected institute of its kind available in Gurgaon. Sanlok aims at transforming a student into a corporate personality. Being a professional institute, it ensures a healthy balance between theoretical foundation and practical exposure to the present day business world. The objective of imparting instruction for this institution is to groom the students with compreh3ensive inputs and develop an all round personality that would enable the student to take up the challenges world and also become responsible citizen of our society. 
Not only the faculty helps us build the professional qualities but even there has been a strong bond with the institute management which helps us to be on the verge of success consistently.

ASHUTOSH SHARMA, Roll Number : 0388-21611, Terriotry Sr. Executive Accounts & Finance, MICROSOFT - DYNAMIC VERTICAL SOFTWARE, GURGAON.

"I would like to begin by saying that what I am today, the knowledge that I have, the confidence and the drive that I possess, is because of the friendly, innovative, educative and democratic learning environment of SIMIT in which I had the fortune of completing my MBA.
Today when I sit back and think about the time I spent at SIMIT, I realize that what I gained here is invaluable and is what I call "real experience". The education I got at SIMIT is truly and absolutely beneficial. Here, Our instructors were not only academicians but also professionals. We got the optimum mix of theoretical and practical exposure as they helped link the management theories to reality.
I really value my experience at SIMIT because the administration was very receptive to student needs and went a long way in solving their problems. We were provided with the well experienced faculties and all the academic infrastructure we required.
With respect to education in management SIMIT is far above the rest. SIMIT has now come a long way from the time it was established. I wish the institution best of luck and pay my due thanks and regards to the faculties and its director for providing me the real sense of management."

MUKESH KUMAR, Roll Number : 0388-21611, Terriotry Manager-Sales & Marketing, ORRIS INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD., GURGAON.

"I am the proud privileged student of SIMIT. I have no words to express my sincere thanks to Sanlok’s Management and faculty members. The quality education, better infrastructure and congenial learning atmosphere moulded many raw brains to professionals. I am one among these lucky students. I wish unhindered progress to Sanlok and remain ever grateful to it."



"Sanlok has been a good source of learning since long. It attracted me due to its flexible attitude to adopt change, well equipped laboratories, well stocked library and prudent faculty members. Management at Sanlok is unparalled. Even after my one years of passing out, I regularly visit SIMIT to see my Institute growing which led to firm footing and towards better future. I extend my gratitude to SIMIT and best wishes in future endeavors."

Ashok Giri, Asstt. Manager (Fact.), Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. Gurgaon


"I, in person should say that Sanlok is empowering women. What I am today is only due to Sanlok. I have learnt to be more confident, determined, multi dimensional and consistent in my efforts. The grooming through quality education helped to explore the horizons in corporate world. Today I accept any hovering challenge and successfully accomplish the goals. Even my Management is more dependent on me. This all is by virtue of being a student of SIMIT. I extend my best wishes to Sanlok."

Shweta Arora, HR Recruiter, Calance Corporation, Gurgaon


"My two years association with Sanlok was very enriching. It was distinct in itself as the learning and sharing wonderful ideas was on. There used to be constant interactions with faculty and Industrial people through class rooms, Seminars, Management games etc. I got tremendous exposure to emerging trends in Management at Sanlok. 
I wish all the best to SIMIT."

Sandeep Behl, Manager, Shree Trading Company, New Delhi


"Education moulds the behavior of an individual to be more refined and learned. In this context I joined Sanlok Institute and found it to be the most befitting one in imparting affective education. My quest to learn more and more was quenched at Sanlok. I got groomed to accept any challenge in my profession. Administration and faculty members are very accommodative and experienced. 
I express my hearty gratitude to SIMIT and wish good luck for its incessant progress."

Shinto Sebastian, Manager Sales & Marketing, SS Group Of Companies


"Sanlok provided me ample opportunities to learn and grow. Better relations of teacher and taught helped me to learn more. It was a unique experience to be with Sanlok. By virtue of the inputs given at Sanlok, I am well established today.
I wish good luck to Sanlok Management and its faculty members to be even more firm footed in future."

Sudhir Mehta, Manager – HR & Admin. ( HOD), Kirby Building Systems India Uttranchal Pvt. Ltd. ( MNC ), Haridwar


"The culture at Sanlok is quite conducive for learning. Ample amount of inputs are given by faculty members to equip the students with appropriate knowledge. Attitude is modified to be more positive in approach to life and even any situation. Unwavering support has been a driving force to make me more competent and multi dimensional personality.
I am highly indebted to Sanlok and my best wished are always with it."

Bino Sebastian, Project Manager, SKH Metals Ltd. Gurgaon


"While thanking Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar very much for having given me an opportunity to learn and grow under the precious teaching and guidance of SANLOK INSTITUTE OF MANAGMENT & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (SIMIT) which made me more confident, determined, multi dimensional and consistent in my efforts. The grooming through quality education helped me to explore the horizons in corporate world. The two years of my MBA in association with SANLOK were very enriching and was an unique experience to be with SANLOK. Highly qualified experienced faculty members and seasoned Management modified my attitude and enhanced my managerial knowledge and skill to achieve global heights in the sphere of Management and made me understand the real meaning and use of management tactics by enabling me to accent any hovering challenge and to successfully achieve the goals. It will be my pleasure to express my sincere thanks to SANLOK’s Management and faculty members as it was most enlightened duration and experience of my life. I wish all success and glorious achievements to SIMIT."

MOHINDER SINGH, Roll Number : 0388-21617, Asstt. Grade II (D), FOOD CORPORATION OF INDIA.


"Teaching Institutions are like Gurukul’s so is Sanlok. Though it has no boarding facilities but during my studies I spent maximum time there. I used to be very eager to learn more & more. My teachers at Sanlok were very receptive to my queries and those inputs are my today’s strengths. 
I wish good luck to SIMIT."

Rajesh Rana, Asstt. Manager (HR), DLF Universal Limited, Gurgaon


"Learning and growing go hand in hand and this was my motto i.e. to study and grow. Sanlok was instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal. Highly qualified experienced faculty members and seasoned Management modified my attitude to be more positive and this is paying me in day to day life. What I am today, is due to Sanlok.  
I am ever-grateful to SIMIT."

Sangeeta Rani, Production Manager, Zeta Leather Export Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon


"Successful and happy individuals build a successful nation”. But it is important to know that what is behind the success, achievement of goals and fulfilment of an individuals mission to lead a Happy and Successful life. In my opinion only good education can do it because in education lies the biggest service to the individual, to the nation and to humanity the world over.
I am here to share with you the immense pleasure and joy I have in joining the illustrious SIMIT community. Sanlok Institute of Management & Information Technology (SIMIT) is involved in providing world class education through SMART (Synergistic, Motivational, Achievement-Oriented, Rapid, Technology-Powered) Learning. Learned faculty, good infrastructure, peaceful environment, practical approach and minimum process itself attract peoples towards SIMIT. The academic and cultural activities at SIMIT provide a platform where all students come together and explore the individual and group talents and resources.
I  (Brij Bhushan Pandey) heartily congratulate Sh . Lokesh Mehta for the launching of web-site and as I have already quoted in my first line, SIMIT is involved in building successful nation.  In short SIMIT is an Institute where Great Indian Traditional values are present in modern shape (Tradition gives us ethics and values and modernity gives us opportunity to apply those values to move ahead and make our mark.)"

Brij Bhushan Pandey, Assistant Manager (E.D.P.), Atlas Steel Tube Industries, (A Unit Of Atlas Cycles (Haryana) Limited)


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